Sony Accidentally Uploads Entire Film to YouTube Instead of Red-Band Trailer

A scene from Khali the Killer. Photo: Sony Pictures

Spending a lazy morning burning through red-band trailers in front of your A/C unit seems like the perfect way to spend your Fourth of July anyway, but viewers who clicked on Sony Pictures’ Khali the Killer: Official Red-Band Trailer got more than they bargained for. First noticed by CBR.com, it seems the studio’s YouTube channel inadvertently posted the full feature-length version of the 2017 crime drama, which reportedly remained up for about eight hours. For those of you who missed out, the film is also currently available to rent on YouTube. According to IMDB, Khali the Killer features a compassionate East L.A. hitman who “decides to take one last job to help support this ailing grandmother’s end-of-life care,” and really, what’s a more appropriately American tale to watch today than that?

Sony Accidentally Uploads Entire Movie to YouTube