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Stephen Colbert Just Knows Betsy DeVos’ Adrift Yacht Will End Up in Textbooks ASAP

The Ohio boating community was hit with a catastrophe earlier this week when a vandal — an American Vandal? — set adrift Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ yacht to roam those north-slightly-east midwestern waters unaccounted for. Stephen Colbert thinks this maritime tragedy is all too hilarious, especially when you realize 1) The DeVos family has, ugh, 10 yachts and 2) DeVos is probably so flustered by the incident that she’ll turn it into a learning experience for American students. So go forth, read this SAT prompt and take an educated guess: “If a yacht is unmoored and drifts north at 5 knots, but the wind is blowing south at 3 knots…” We don’t even have to finish typing to tell you the answer involves owning nine other yachts.

Stephen Colbert Mocks Betsy DeVos and Her Yacht Vandalism