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Steven Universe Celebrated A Lesbian Wedding That Will Warm Your Cold Dead Heart

Photo: Cartoon Network

The most recent episode of Steven Universe took a big queer step forward for cartoon TV. The Gems Ruby and Sapphire, who’ve already been together for thousands of years and were ostracized on their home world for fusing together in defiance of protocols (only same Gems may fuse, and it’s a practice used so that both may more effectively serve their leaders), finally sealed their union with wedding and a big gay kiss. During the ceremony, Sapphire delivered a set of vows that any non-cartoon would be well-served to borrow from generously.

Ruby, my future used to look like one single obvious stream, unbending until the end of time. In an instant, you pulled me from that destiny and opened my eye to an explosion of infinite possible futures, streaking across space and time, altered and obliterated by the smallest force of will. What I mean is, you changed my life, and then I changed your life, and now, we change our lives.

Ruby then swept Sapphire off her feet with a kiss, with so many fellow Gems and friends in attendance, before both of them had to get back to the business of saving Earth from the scheming Blue and Yellow Diamonds trying to destroy everything.

Steven Universe Celebrated a Very Sweet Lesbian Wedding