Get Ready for a New Podcast Network ‘by Women, for Everyone, No Creeps Allowed’

From left: Maria Blasucci, Priyanka Mattoo, and Amanda Lund. Photo: Matt Gourley

Three women in Los Angeles are teaming up to create what looks to be the most exciting thing to happen to comedy podcasts in some time. Writers, actors, and podcasters Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci, along with former producer-agent and current writer, director, and advice columnist Priyanka Mattoo, launched a Kickstarter today for a new project: a woman-run podcast network called Earios. The tagline? “Podcasts by women, for everyone, no creeps allowed.”

“There are some awesome podcast networks but there isn’t one place specifically where I can go and feel like I connect to the community and that the majority of the shows appeal to me. So, really, creating Earios is a selfish pursuit,” Lund said on the project. “I also think it’s important to have a network where the people making decisions about what shows are interesting and deserve a chance are women. We want to make sure that female-driven shows are given the space to flourish just like all the great content geared toward men.”

Blasucci echoed Lund’s thoughts, saying, “We wanted to create a place where the creative women we knew could make great things that wouldn’t necessarily fit on the slate of the handful of podcast networks that exist at the moment.”

“Earios scratches an itch I had when I was an agent, to discover new talent and unveil it to the world, with a knowing ‘You’re welcome,’” Mattoo added. “This platform will be a great opportunity to nurture so many unique voices that we’ve had our eyes (ears?) on for years.”

The Kickstarter currently has a goal of $25,000, which will help cover the launch of Earios with a starting slate of six to eight podcasts featuring “your favorite (and soon-to-be favorite) talent” plus studio, art, and hosting costs. The network’s goal is to feature podcasts that are “funny, smart, off-kilter, and inclusive” whether it’s comedy podcasts, true-crime podcasts, or something that hasn’t even been created yet. “There’s a podcast out there for everyone, but nearly all of the networks that host, develop, and promote your favorite shows are run by men,” the Kickstarter description reads. “Are we going to let this beautiful medium that will shape culture for generations to come go the way of literally everything else, and become a boys club? Hell. No.”

Check out the Kickstarter video below, featuring cameos from Paul F. Tompkins, Gabourey Sidibe, Kate Berlant, Jack Black, Jenny Slate, Seth Rogen, and more surprise guests:

New Podcast Network Promises Shows ‘by Women, for Everyone’