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Tyra Banks Gets Her Life-Size 2 Human Co-Star and It’s Not Lindsay Lohan

Shine bright! Shine far! Photo: ABC

There’s good news and there’s bad news: First, that long-awaited Life-Size sequel once again starring Tyra Banks as the doll magically turned human Eve, is officially in production. But, alas, Lindsay Lohan won’t also be back as her actually human companion. Banks has announced that her co-star this time around will be Grown-ish’s Francia Raisa, who you may also know as the hero who donated her kidney to save Selena Gomez’s life. She’ll play Grace Manning, the “confident and funny” CEO of Marathon Toys — which manufactured the Eve doll — going through a “hot mess” of a quarter-life crisis that’s put her at risk of driving the company into the ground. Eve, who was originally accidentally brought to life by Lohan’s character during an attempt to resurrect her mother, will once again somehow be revived to help Grace “learn to live and love again.” Life-Size 2 will be holiday-themed, apparently “edgy,” and will thankfully get an update to the original “Be a Star” anthem sung by Tyra. The film arrives on Freeform during its “25 Days of Christmas” later this year.

Tyra Gets Her Life-Size 2 Co-Star and It’s Not Lindsay Lohan