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Learn How to Make a Comedy Special With Jim Jefferies

Jim Jefferies heads to Netflix next week with a brand-new stand-up special, and today the streaming network gave us a promo in which he provides a helpful, step-by-step guide on how to make a comedy special of your very own. “First you need to start with the finest ingredients. You need precision, you need quality, you need authenticity, and a pinch or two of stuff about me shitting me self,” Jefferies says in the clip. But that’s not everything you need to create a finely crafted comedy special — there’s also that very important sound that comes out of the audience’s mouths: “There are many words for it: chuckles, giggles, yuk-yuks, snickers, guffaws, and of course, titters.” Jefferies’s new special, This Is Me Now, premieres on Netflix next Friday, July 13.

Watch a Promo for Jim Jefferies’s Netflix Special