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Maniac Trailer: Roll Up for Emma Stone and Jonah Hill’s Big Pharma Mystery Tour

[Takes a long toke.] Man, if we began to appreciate the structure of the mind more often, could anything about us be changed if we really wanted it to be? [Exhales.] So asks a Voice of God in the first trailer for Netflix’s Maniac, a miniseries starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill as “two strangers who find themselves caught up in a mind-bending pharmaceutical trial gone awry.” Your guess is as good as ours as to what that entails, as the streaming service is only teasing that the show, inspired by a Norwegian satire series from 2014, will be ten episodes and directed entirely by Cary Fukunaga. Justin Theroux and Sally Field will also be there for trippy shenanigans, because why not? This will be fun! It premieres in full on September 23.

Watch Emma Stone and Jonah Hill in Netflix’s Maniac Trailer