The Alita: Battle Angel Trailer Promises a Lot of CGI Punching


The first official trailer for Robert Rodriguez’s Alita: Battle Angel is here, and it’s got more than just moody shots of the principal characters! It opens with a voice-over from Alita (Rosa Salazar) telling us about a war and a world where “the powerful prey on the week.” Then bad guy Vector (Mahershala Ali) tells us the newly resurrected Alita contains a coveted technology that had previously been lost for hundreds of years. So when he sends a bunch of cyborg henchmen after her, we can assume it’s because he wants that technology for himself. But Alita is clearly the most proficient fighter anyone’s ever seen, so taking whatever it is that makes her tick is going to be pretty hard, and something tells us Alita has a mind to topple the ruling class. Just a guess! Battle Angel hits theaters on December 21.

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The Alita: Battle Angel Trailer Promises a Lot of CGI Kicks