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The Wynonna Earp Cast Announced a Fourth Season, So Fans Lost Their Minds

The Wynonna Earp panel at Comic-Con started with a bang, and by bang, we mean waves of ecstatic screams. Before the cast came out a trailer for the just-premiered season three rolled for the crowd, and it ended with a special, surprise announcement: The Canadian SyFy dramedy about a descendent of Wyatt Earp named Wynonna, who is duty bound to expel demons from the Earth, has been renewed for a fourth season. The fans, known amongst the faithful as Earpers, promptly lost their minds, and when the lights came up the entire cast was already on stage clapping with them. Cast member Shamier Anderson (who plays supernatural task force special agent named Xavier Dolls) ran screaming off the stage to hype up the crowd, and you can watch the revelry in the clip above.

“It’s such a testament to you guys that we haven’t even premiered, barely, and we’re getting a season four,” said series creator Emily Andras. “It’s just unbelievable. We genuinely would not be doing this without you. So thank you.” Then Tim Rozen, who plays Doc Holliday in the contemporary sci-fi Western, shared his own personal appreciation for the fans. “Thank you for letting us be a part of the fandom that you guys have created. We did this show and let you in, and then you created this thing that’s so much more special. I just thank all of you guys for creating what you’ve created, and letting me feel like I’m a part of it.” Series star Melanie Scrofano then looked at the SyFy network reps sitting in the crowd and yelled, “No takebacks!” which is basically more of an ironclad agreement than a corporate contract. So there you have it, Earpers. Season four is Comic-Con official.

Wynonna Earp Is Getting a Fourth Season, So Fans Went Nuts