half the horses and half the ants

Apparently Thanos Also Killed Half of All Animals in Infinity War, Which Is Just Way, Way Too Many

Thanos. Photo: Film Frame/Marvel Studios

If you are one of those absolute monsters who wasn’t sure what side of the “Is Thanos Hot?” debate you fell on, well, hopefully now you know. According to Marvel’s Kevin Feige, the Avengers: Infinity War villain not only killed one half of humanity with the snap of his fingers at the end of the film, he also snuffed out half of all animal life. In a recent interview with Feige about Ant-Man and the Wasp, Birth.Movies.Death asked the Marvel Studios president to confirm the following: “Are half the animals dead? Are half of the horses gone? Half of the ants?” Responded Feige, “Yes. All life.” Half the horses and half the ants? Well, we’re going to say it: Thanos is not a good person. Honestly, fuck that guy. The ants are one thing, but we don’t have that many horses to spare. Ridiculous.

Yes, Thanos Also Killed Half of All Animals in Infinity War