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Bill Clinton Eulogizes Aretha Franklin, and Compliments Her Many Lewks

Bill Clinton was among the speakers giving remarks at Aretha Franklin’s funeral Friday afternoon in Detroit, and the former president’s (lengthy) remembrance did not disappoint. Clinton reminisced about how he and Hillary were early fans of Aretha’s, and how they maintained a friendship until her death earlier this month. “I was so glad when I get here when the casket was still open, because I said, ‘I wonder what my friend’s got on today,’” Clinton said. “‘I wanna see what the girl is carrying out.’” Franklin, had an outfit change between the public viewings of her body and the funeral: she’s now wearing a sparkling full-length gold dress with sequined heels to the funeral, according to the Detroit Free Press.

At the end of his eulogy — in classic dad fashion — Clinton played an Aretha Franklin classic. Instead of, you know, grabbing an aux cord or using AirPlay, the former president … pressed play and held his iPhone up to the microphone.

You can watch the full speech below.

Bill Clinton Eulogizes Aretha, Compliments Her Lewks