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Listen to Cher’s Cover of ABBA’s ‘SOS,’ Because Summer Isn’t Over Yet, Baby!

We all like to complain about the heat and humidity of summer, but soon enough we’ll be bundled up against the cold again, boots soaked in slush, huffing a half-empty bottle of sunscreen just to get a hit of that Labor Day goodness. So, in the meantime, stop your bellyaching and listen to Cher’s cover of “SOS,” released ahead of her forthcoming ABBA cover album Dancing Queen. Of course it’s good. It’s Cher covering ABBA. Did you think she’d start slipping now? This late in the game? Dancing Queen officially debuts on September 28, so, okay, you have a few more weeks of summer, but after that it’s flurries from then on out, so appreciate your sunburn while you’ve got it.

Cher Releases Her ‘SOS’ Cover, Because Summer Isn’t Over Yet