Chris Hemsworth Doing a Netflix Film About a Hostage That’s Not Chris Hemsworth Doing a Netflix Film

Chris Netflixworth. Photo: Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

If you cannot be bothered to leave your house to see Chris Hemsworth’s giant muscles in a movie theater, do not fear, for Chris Hemsworth’s giant muscles are coming to a relatively smaller screen near you. Per Deadline, Chris Hemsworth is making a Netflix movie that is sadly not a rom-com like the best Netflix movies but is about Chris Hemsworth extracting a kidnapped Indian boy while playing a man who’s “physically brave but an emotional coward.” Titled Dhaka, directed by former Chris Evans stunt double and Marvel movie stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave, written by Joe Russo, and produced by him and his brother Anthony Russo, the movie will shoot in Thailand and India, because you can do that with Netflix money.

Chris Hemsworth Teams With Russos for Netflix Hostage Movie