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Watch the Trailer for Gaspar Noé’s Sangria-Soaked Dance Nightmare, Climax

Only six people reportedly walked out of a Cannes screening of Gaspar Noé’s newest film, Climax. “Aw man, no, no, no!” the director complained to The Guardian. “I usually have 25 percent of the audience walking out.” Climax is a manic, frantic, dance horror movie: When a dance troupe meets in a remote and empty school building to rehearse, their session descends into madness when they start chugging sangria laced with LSD. (Almost like the cinema of Four Loko … ) Noé shot the manic epic himself, and it was inspired by a vogueing ball he attended. Sofia Boutella, of The Mummy and Atomic Blonde, stars.

Climax Trailer: Gaspar Noé’s Sangria-Soaked Dance Nightmare