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Keanu Reeves Flirts With Winona Ryder and Her Flannel Pajamas in Destination Wedding Clip

Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder — a pair of icons who may or may not be married — star in Destination Wedding, an end-of-summer rom-com stinger. They’re playing Frank and Lindsay, two misanthropic wedding guests traveling solo. One night, alone together in their hotel room, Lindsay ignores Frank’s complaints, uncorks the minibar’s wine, and things get frisky. Or, as frisky as things can get when Lindsay is wearing flannel: “I didn’t think I was gonna be intimate this weekend … or any weekend,” she says. “Superman couldn’t see through those pajamas,” Frank teases. “People have jousted in lighter clothing.” Destination Wedding opens August 31.

Destination Wedding Clip: Keanu, Winona, Her Flannel PJ’s