Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’ Video Is the Ultimate #InMyFeelings Challenge

Drake has officially released the video for “In My Feelings” and it is the ultimate #InMyFeelings challenge. The video by Karena Evans opens with Drake pleading his case to Kiki, played by La La Anthony, who is having none of it, at least until he stops texting other girls. He pleads further: What do you want me to do? Even though she literally just told him what she wanted him to do. Anyway, Phylicia Rashad shows up as Kiki’s mother to remind Drake this is not a Taye Diggs movie. The rest of the video is a feverish dream-like montage of people doing the challenge all over New Orleans and, of course, Shiggy is there. It ends with Drake waking up from this dream in a trailer (man he sleeps a lot in videos, he really does love his bed), and, of course, again, Shiggy is there. Stay tuned for a credit sequence featuring plenty of #InMyFeelings challenge videos.

Drake Releases the Ultimate #InMyFeelings Challenge