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Elizabeth Warren Is Ballers’ Best Hype Woman

Dwayne Johnson. Photo: HBO

On Sunday evening from 10 p.m.-11 p.m. EST, don’t even think about calling your gal pal Elizabeth Warren to gossip about Paul Manafort’s latest jacket acquisition. The senator is busy. She has important things to do. She’s watching … the season premiere of HBO’s Ballers, a show in which Dwayne Johnson’s ex-football player character attempts to teach athletes financial responsibility. (Easier said then done. Yachts are fun!) In fact, Warren sent out that exact reminder on social media yesterday “to all the reporters tweeting at me” about the dramedy making its grand, season-four return. “Like I haven’t had this date saved on my calendar for months,” she added, in true Ballerati form.

One could even say … Warren and Johnson having a history of … balling hard … together. Her public affection for the show began last year, when she cited it as one of her reasons to support the Writers Guild of America during the WGA’s contract negotiations. Johnson was over the moon about it.

Sorry, Billions.

Elizabeth Warren Is Ballers’ Best Hype Woman