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Full Frontal Helped Make Sean Spicer’s Book Tour Very Uncomfortable

Sean Spicer is currently cashing in on his role as the guy who once lied on Donald Trump’s behalf every day by publishing a book. The former White House press secretary is doing a big publicity tour to promote it, so the team over at Full Frontal decided to have a little fun with that. Last night’s episode included a segment where Full Frontal correspondents Allana Harkin, Mike Rubens, and Ashley Nicole Black followed Spicer around on his book tour and even managed to get a few questions in.

“How do you feel about profiting off of lying to the American public? I mean, you’re making a lot of money — I’m just wondering how you feel about that!” Harkin asks during one stop.

“Sean, any advice for the young people who want to make a profit from corroding the truth? It’s a reasonable question!” Rubens asks during another.

“Is it weird now to watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders do the press conferences?” Black asks him during another book event, while wearing a Trump T-shirt, no less. “Do you feel like a little ‘Aw man, I wish I was up there tricking the press!’”

If you guessed that the correspondents were either kicked out of these book tour stops or just didn’t get a decent answer to their questions, congratulations — you guessed right!

Check out another clip from the episode below, where Bee recaps some of Donald Trump Jr.’s many shady business dealings, as well as his role — now confirmed by his dad — in the infamous Trump Tower meeting and meeting alleged Russian spy Maria Butina. “Man, any time there was collusion going on, Donnie was there. He shows up everywhere! He’s like the Forrest Gump of collusion,” Bee says. “This sad, sticky wad of congealed hair gel has spent his whole life seeking his dad’s approval and failing at it, and now, he might be the one to bring down Trump’s presidency. So keep up the good work, buddy!”

Full Frontal Made Sean Spicer’s Book Tour Very Uncomfortable