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Green Book Trailer: Mahershala Ali Plays the Piano, Wears Gold Embroidery

Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen are on the road in the trailer for Green Book, Peter Farrelly’s (yes, of the Farrelly Brothers) movie about racism and piano playing. Ali, the most regal man to ever step upon this cursed Earth, plays famous black pianist Don Shirley, who enlists local tough guy Tony Lip (Mortensen) as his driver and security for a tour across the Deep South. The men are an odd couple: Shirley is pristinely outfitted and elegant; Tony Lip is brash and old-school Italian. Lip sees the racism his piano-playing passenger endures, and Shirley … well, he helps Lip write love letters, giving us all one more reason to swoon over Mahershala Ali. Green Book will premiere at this year’s Toronto Film Festival.

Green Book Trailer: Mahershala Ali Wears a Lot of Gold