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Janet Jackson Brings Down the House During First Late Night Performance in 14 Years

The present day does not offer us many reasons to celebrate, especially for those of us currently languishing in puddles of sweat waiting for the oscillating fan to turn our way. And yet, as she has taught us to be best at summer, Janet Jackson also took over The Tonight Show on Friday night to remind us all to that life can be really, really good sometimes. In what was her first performance on a late night show in 14 years, she managed to remind us we’re still lucky enough to live in the same period of human history as Janet freaking Jackson, and we should cherish every moment of it. The singer debuted her newest single ‘Made for Now’ with Daddy Yankee and an entire army of dancers and drummers decked out in the same African-inspired garb that graced the video. She also serves up some very Jackson choreography, and she hits that high note. Jimmy Fallon gets so excited about it you’ll wish someone would call a loved one to come pick him up, until you remind yourself that well, it’s Janet freakin Jackson.

Janet Jackson Rocks First Late Night Performance in 14 Years