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I’ll Take ‘Oh My God, Jeopardy! Is Available on Hulu’ for $400, Alex

Alex Trebek. Photo: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Category: Game shows hosted by septuagenarian Canadians. Clue: Ah, screw it, we just wanna grab some buzzers and celebrate. Jeopardy! has finally decided to join the modern age by becoming available on a streaming service, compliments of Hulu. And the better news? It’s available as of today. While every episode from the show’s three-decade existence won’t be on Hulu (though the total amount of Jeopardy! episodes would be an excellent $2000 question) 60 episodes are currently stream-able on the service. The offerings are heavy on “flagship” special events like the Tournament of Champions and Battle of the Decades. (None of those episodes include Austin Rogers, which, frankly, is rude.) Still. This! Is! Exciting!

Jeopardy! Is Finally Making Its Streaming Debut With Hulu