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Jimmy Kimmel Finally Makes Deciphering the President’s Tweets Fun

Sure, it’s disappointing to realize the President of the United States can’t spell. And sure, it can be disheartening to realize the tweets the leader of the free world fires off on an almost daily basis undergo less proofreading than even this very post on this very entertainment website. But hey, there’s no reason why the end of absolutely everything that matters can’t be a little bit fun. Jimmy Kimmel Live contributed to that cause by unveiling a new board game concept on Wednesday night: Scrabull. It’s like Scrabble, but the words are just things the president made up. Also, spell-checks are witch hunts, it’s possible to score “the most points in the history of points,” oh, and there’s even a travel version, for tiny hands.

Jimmy Kimmel Makes Deciphering the President’s Tweets Fun