Jon Hamm, Drunk on Whiteness, Stars in an Infomercial for Getting Rid of White Thoughts

Terence Nance’s new late-night comedy show Random Acts of Flyness debuted on HBO last Friday, and in case you missed the premiere episode, here’s a little taste to get you started. In the above clip, Jon Hamm stars in an infomercial for a new product called “White Be Gone,” which helps fight the symptoms of Acute Viral Perceptive Albinitis known as White Thoughts. Of course, White Be Gone comes with a range of side effects including “black thoughts, existential crisis, bouts of amnesia, a loss of social power, acceptance of the mortality of yourself and your culture, your white friends wondering what’s gotten into you, your parents worrying that you might bring a biracial child into the world and what type of life would that be,” and dry mouth, but it’s a small price to pay to prevent the symptoms of this destructive and incurable disease.

Allow Jon Hamm to Help You Get Rid of Your ‘White Thoughts’