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Kanye Comes to Jimmy Kimmel and It’s Very Kanye

Kanye West stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight and, as with every Kanye appearance, there’s plenty to unpack. Kanye came out with his happy face on, which was nice, and he sportingly agreed to design the uniforms for Space Force. But Kimmel then eased into the more direct Trump stuff, and the Kanye we’ve gotten to know so well this year emerged. When asked about his support for the president, Kanye admitted he kind of enjoys when people are mad at him, and that his Trump support was mostly about being courageous enough after his hospitalization to do the thing everyone was telling him not to, like Galileo, ya know? He’s also not concerned about the specifics of this mentality, which must be nice! He then explained breaking out of the matrix by telling a surprisingly detailed story about a 2-year-old on a coffee table being told to get down by a family member he doesn’t like. Which is just such a specific example we almost have to assume that Saint is literally on a coffee table somewhere right now being scolded by Kris Jenner.

Kanye Wants to Teach You to Escape the Coffee-Table Matrix