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Lethal Weapon Season 3 Trailer: Hey, You’re Not Clayne Crawford!

Martin Riggs is gone. Let the reign of [checks notes] Wesley Cole begin! Following the dismissal of Clayne Crawford from Fox’s Lethal Weapon due to a repeated history of on-set toxic behavior — behavior which Crawford admitted to and apologized for — Seann William Scott is now Damon Wayans’s right-hand man, and he’s on ass-kickin’ display for the first time in the show’s trailer for the third season. Instead of a proper recast, Scott is playing a war veteran and father who returns to Los Angeles in the hopes of reconnecting with his ex-girlfriend and son, only to get intertwined as Wayans’s new partner in the LAPD. Look at them, they’re already teasing each other about being old! The new season premieres on September 25.

Lethal Weapon Trailer: Hey, You’re Not Clayne Crawford!