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The All About Nina Trailer Reminds You Comedians Are Drunk and Unhappy

If you’ve watched films or TV shows about comedians, you’ve probably seen them being drunk or emotionally unavailable, but you haven’t seen Mary Elizabeth Winstead fill that narrative archetype — until now. Winstead stars as the titular character in All About Nina, which follows a struggling stand-up comic who makes the move from New York City to Los Angeles, and wouldn’t you know it, her mental and emotional problems follow her there. Nina somehow scores the housing lottery and ends up living with an eccentric woman in her posh home, and then meets a hot, seemingly genuine guy named Rafe (Common), whom she will likely self-sabotage a relationship with. It will be fun to watch Winstead and Common be very sexy together, but it might be more fun watching Common get into a fistfight with Chace Crawford, who plays her ex. All About Nina arrives in theaters on September 28.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Stars in the All About Nina Trailer