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You’re Not Seeing Double, Natalie Portman Will Play Feuding-Twin Advice Columnists

Two Portmans for the price of one! Photo: Getty Images

Dear Vulture, how ethical is it to pit now-deceased sisters against each other for the sake of big-screen entertainment? We wish we could say! But having an Oscar winner sure helps, no? Per THR, Natalie Portman has signed on to star in and direct an incredibly juicy drama revolving around Esther and Pauline Friedman, twin sisters who separately managed to become two of the most sought-after advice columnists in American history. Yes, Portman will play both sisters. Your fantasy, realized! Their “bitter professional rivalry” notwithstanding — their work ran for decades under the Dear Abby and Ann Landers columns, respectively — the sisters also led personal lives “that were equal parts competitive, jealous, successful, and loving.” (So, just normal sisters, then?) The untitled film, penned by The Affair producer Katie Robbins, is still in the writing stages.

Natalie Portman Will Play Dueling Twin Advice Columnists