Netflix’s Made in Mexico Is Coming to Give You More Rich People Problems

Photo: Netflix

Netflix today confirmed its first Mexican reality-TV series, Made in Mexico, which follows the lives of nine “well-to-do socialites, revealing the flawed lives of the seemingly perfect elite.” The series will debut globally on September 28. Despite the name, the nine cast members include both Mexico City natives and expats trying to navigate the “exclusive social order” of Mexico City’s A-list. And yes, at first it might sound like a Netflix version of Real Housewives, but it’s actually more like a Netflix version of Keeping Up With the Kardashians with less family and more lifestyle blogging. The show will star businessman Pepe Díaz, fashion designer Kitzia Mitre, her brother-in-law Roby Checa, TV host Carlos Girón Longoria, food blogger Liz Woodburn, model Columba Díaz, lifestyle blogger Chantal Trujillo, TV personality Shanik Aspe, and politician and philanthropist Hanna Jaff.

Netflix’s Made in Mexico Offers More Rich People Problems