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See the Trailer for Orson Welles’s Long-Lost, Finally Completed The Other Side of the Wind

It’s been a strange ride for The Other Side of the Wind. Orson Welles originally began shooting the Hollywood satire in 1970, but thanks to complicated financing problems, as well as his own … eccentric working methods (it took him years to cast a leading man), the film was never completed. After Welles’s death in 1985, periodic efforts to finish the movie all came to naught, but now, thanks to the hard work of Peter Bogdanovich and Frank Marshall, who edited the abundance of footage based on Welles’s own notes, it’s finally done. The finished film will premiere at the Venice Film Festival before hitting Netflix on November 2. Can the drama onscreen — it’s about an old director (John Huston) trying to make a comeback — match that of the backstory?

See the Trailer for Orson Welles’s Long-Lost Final Film