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Rob Reiner Wants to Know If Everyone Else Has Noticed Donald Trump’s Bad Acting Skills Too

Flying in the face of the President’s fairly robust IMDB page, Rob Reiner took some time during his Late Show With Stephen Colbert interview last night to discuss what he feels are Trump’s acting weaknesses. “It’s like my wife said, it’s like WWE, but he’s like a bad actor, have you noticed that? He’s not really a good actor,” the Shock and Awe director mused. “He’s terrible.” When it comes to Trump’s many impressions, typically of people the President hates, Reiner finds them lacking in variety. Complains the director, “Every character is exactly the same.”

Of course, if Rob Reiner wants to accurately assess Trump’s acting skills, he’s going to have to meet him more than exactly one time. “I’ve been around a lot of actors, and they have egos, as actors do,” Reiner said of meeting Trump while attending a heavyweight fight in Atlantic City with Billy Crystal. “There is no actor I have ever worked with who comes even close to this guy. It was all-consuming.”

Rob Reiner Can’t Help But Notice Donald Trump Is A Bad Actor

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