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Samantha Bee and Terry Crews Share a Friendly Reminder: Your Prison-Rape Joke Isn’t Funny

During last night’s Full Frontal, Samantha Bee brought attention to an issue that often gets overlooked in the #MeToo movement: the fact that men can also be victims of sexual misconduct, an issue Terry Crews helped bring to the forefront when he went public with his own story of sexual assault. After highlighting the media’s obsession with turning male sexual assault into comedy with “drop the soap” jokes, Bee offers a reminder: “You know what? I need to do better on this, too. We talk about #MeToo like it’s only a women’s movement, but many of the predators in the #MeToo era preyed on men,” she says. “There are tons of other slimeballs out there, and when we laugh at their victims we make it easier for them to keep Kevin Spacey–ing all over the place.” Near the end of the segment, Bee unveils a friendly PSA about lazy jokes making light of male sexual assault with some help from Terry Crews. “Stop telling those fucking jokes!” Crews says with a smile. “You’re a hack and everybody knows it. But here’s the good news: Lots of things are funny that aren’t rape!”

A Note From Sam Bee and Terry Crews: Prison Rape Isn’t Funny