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Louis C.K.’s Actual Return to Stand-Up Was in a Long Island Suburb

Photo: Kevin Mazur Photography/Getty Images for The Bob Woodruf

Ahead of Louis C.K.’s surprise Comedy Cellar set on Sunday night, the comedian did a short set in the suburbs. TMZ has acquired photos from his 15-minute stand-up routine at Governor’s of Levittown on Long Island. In the photos, C.K. is spotted pulling out a small notepad to refresh himself on the new material he was trying out that night. Club owner James Dolce told TMZ that C.K. was warmly received, despite his admission in November that he sexually harassed five women.

Dolce told the site that C.K. showed up unannounced, but that he feels that the comedian “has paid his price, and deserves a second chance.”

Louis C.K.’s Return to Stand-Up Was Actually in Long Island