Watch Sharp Objects to the Very End, or Else You’ll Miss a Post-Credits Scene

Photo: HBO

As Sharp Objects races toward its finale, you might be wondering how the HBO mini-series will find enough time to wrap up all the drama and mystery in Wind Gap, Missouri. The answer: It uses every last minute it has! At the very end of Sunday’s finale, “Milk,” keep watching for a series of post-credits scenes that you won’t want to miss. We won’t spoil anything about what happens, of course, but consider this a public-service notice so you don’t miss out.

While you’re here, you might be interested in the most compelling theories about who the Wind Gap killer might be, or a guide to all the hidden words that popped up throughout the season, or an analysis of the penultimate episode. Now, be sure to get some sleep, drink your creepy medicine, and prepare for Sunday night’s big finale.

Just So You Know, Sharp Objects Has an End-Credits Scene