In Sure Sign Its Business Isn’t Failing, MoviePass Is Making a Bruce Willis Movie

Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images

Sure, MoviePass is struggling, but MoviePass Films is (somehow) chugging along. According to Deadline, Bruce Willis will star in the production arm’s first solo movie, 10 Minutes Gone. MoviePass Films also bought stakes in Gotti (the bastard movie of the pussy posse) and a movie you’ve definitely heard of, The Row. They also helped distribute the “slick as fuckAmerican Animals. Willis’s frequent collaborator Brian A. Miller will direct. Per Deadline, the movie is about “a man who loses ten minutes of his memory due to being hit by a stray bullet during a bank heist gone wrong.” Willis will play a crime boss pursuing the amnesiac and his money. Shooting is expected to begin in September, but whether MoviePass will make it through the summer is still up in the air.

Somehow, MoviePass Is Making a Bruce Willis Movie