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BTS and Nicki Minaj Team Up on ‘Idol,’ So If All Else Fails, She Can Be a K-Pop Idol

Photo: Getty Images

The BTS American crossover is officially complete: After testing the waters with the Chainsmokers and Steve Aoki, the K-pop megastars have now cannonballed into the rap game with an assist from Nicki Minaj. She features on an alternate version of the boy band’s new single “Idol,” off their just-released album Love Yourself: Answer (the repackaged and expanded version of Tear and Her). Sadly (or fortunately?) miz Chun-Li does not rap in Korean, instead delivering an English verse that shouts-out John Mayer because “Barbie’s a wonderland,” or something. The collaboration comes at a time when Nicki has been busy making enemies Stateside; if it turns into out all-out war, well hey, at least she’ll now have a whole army enlisted to fight her battles for her. Well played!

BTS and Nicki Minaj Team Up to Turn Nicki Into a K-Pop Idol