This New Suspiria Clip Has Dakota Johnson Writhing, and Also an Evil Beast

Whether it’s 1977 or 2018, poor Susie (né Suzy) Bannion will always be saddled with that link to the dark side. In this new Suspiria clip, Dakota Johnson’s Bannion is instructed by dance academy dictator Madame Blanc (Tilda Swinton) to “improvise freely” for a new performance piece that will explore “rebirth.” Susie’s peers encircle her and go through familiar positions as she starts take a more, well, primal approach to the theme. As Susie pulses and writhes, her instructors watch attentively, and unbeknownst to the dancers (but probably not those instructors!) a creature is conjured to the floorboards directly under Susie. Beware the Mother of Sighs. Suspiria opens November 2.

This Suspiria Clip Has Dakota Johnson Writhing, Evil Beast