The Good Doctor Season Two Trailer Puts Lisa Edelstein Back in the Doctor’s Chair

If you missed the sound of Lisa Edelstein’s voice, or, specifically the way her voice sounds when she is saying authoritative doctor things, have I got some good news for you. ABC unveiled the trailer for season two of their wildly popular drama The Good Doctor on Thursday night, which follows the story of a young autistic surgeon who joins the staff at a prestigious hospital. The trailer features the debut of Edelstein in her new recurring role on the show as Dr. Blaize. This affords us the opportunity to see her do something she’s truly a master of: play a doctor who is arguing with another doctor from behind a desk in a very fancy office about doctor things. But this time, instead of trying to convince the hot-headed Dr. House not to toy with his patients’ lives, she’s trying to convince an anxious Dr. Glassman that she’s “the best oncologist around.” Why won’t people just listen to Lisa Edelstein!? She’s a doctor! The Good Doctor returns on September 24.

The Good Doctor Season 2 Puts Lisa Edelstein in Her Element