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The Land of Steady Habits Trailer: Connie Britton Deserves Better, Ben Mendelsohn

We’re sure by the end of The Land of Steady Habits, Ben Mendelsohn’s self-destructive dad will work through the existential despair that made him quit his job, leave his wife (Edie Falco), and befriend a teen boy struggling with drug addiction, played by Charlie Tahan, “sending him down a path of reckless and deeply regrettable behavior.” But until then, Connie Britton, do not date him! The man’s rich and he stole a library book, for Christ’s sake! Than again, everyone must look pretty put-together after you’ve dealt with a Dirty John. Netflix welcomes you to The Land of Steady Habits on September 14.

The Land of Steady Habits Trailer: Run, Connie Britton!