There’s Reportedly an ALF Reboot in Development

Photo: NBC

Better go digging through that old bag of stuffed animals in storage. Warner Bros. is reportedly working on a reboot of ALF, the 1990s sitcom about an “Alien Life Form” that eats cats and sets up with a suburban family, allowing hilarity to ensue. Variety says it has confirmed the news with sources, but WB TV isn’t commenting on the news just yet. The trade is even reporting a possible narrative framework for the return of ALF. “One idea that has reportedly been discussed for the reboot,” according to Variety, “would involve ALF emerging from Area 51 —where he has been held captive since the original series finale — and observing how much the world has changed since that time.” But what will he think of the internet’s obsession with cats?

There’s Reportedly an ALF Reboot Series in Development