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A Chicago Comedian Has Created the Only Bill Murray Encounter That Matters

Photo: Twitter/Dan White

The Bill Murray Encounter has more or less become a cliché by now — to the point where it feels like if you haven’t experienced a Bill Murray sighting, you’re in the minority. Sure, people seem to like hearing about unexpected Murray run-ins with everyone from Chrissy Teigen to the White House briefing room to the audience of the Groundhog Day musical, but at this point, doesn’t this joke feel a little overdone? Enter Chicago-based comedian and iO performer Dan White, who has provided what we’re fairly confident will be the Bill Murray Encounter to End All Bill Murray Encounters. It also doubles as a pretty effective morning alarm:

This has become somewhat of a running bit over the past week for White, who has so far done this on a beautiful day …

… as well as a rainy night:

Whether or not White attempts to top the Murray one, one thing is certain: This guy knows how to turn a typical Bill Murray Encounter into something way more entertaining than a secondhand story. Take notes, everyone.

This Is the Only Bill Murray Encounter That Matters