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This Is What Happens When You Leave the Room

Kyle Vorbach and John Horan are Future Boyfriends, and they’re presently really underappreciated as sketch comedians. (See that? That little wordplay. That’s fun, right?)

An all-too-relatable descent into searing self-consciousness, When You Leave the Room is more than a play-by-play about what happens in the moments between when one leaves a meeting to go to the bathroom and when one returns. It’s an entry into the blend of slick production values and highly accessible commentary that is Vorbach and Horan’s style.

Digging deeper into their catalogue, it becomes clear that these guys aren’t one-hit wonders. No, their videos have garnered views surging into the multiple hundreds of thousands, and their stuff almost always achieves a healthy multiple of their subscriber base.

Still, there are leave-a-meeting-to-go-to-the-bathroom-size unknowns at play here. With flickers of Lonely Island, Derrick Comedy, and Good Neighbor, the Future Boyfriends’ road to a growing audience might be paved with their answer to one big question: Can their rambunctious style find a foothold in an industry that’s already celebrated so many greats in a similar vein?

When You Leave the Room is a promising start.

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This Is What Happens When You Leave the Room