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Roy Wood Jr. Doesn’t Need to See the Trump ‘N-Word’ Tape to Know That He’s a Racist

Thanks to a claim Omarosa Manigault Newman makes in her new book that a tape exists of Donald Trump saying the N-word, there’s been much debate this week over whether or not the release of said recording would even make a difference among Trump’s supporters. During last night’s Daily Show, correspondent Roy Wood Jr. offered up his take on the situation, and he’s on Team Absolutely Not: “You don’t need to wait for a secret tape to prove Trump is a racist. He’s been saying shit like this in public for years! Look, I don’t need footage of the Rock in the gym to know if he works out — it’s clear! Have you seen his arms?” In fact, Wood argues that if the recording exists, it shouldn’t get released, and for good reason. “Whenever Trump crosses a line, it only emboldens people to follow,” he says. “The last thing we need is his supporters hearing him say the N-word, cause then the floodgates open … I guarantee you, when these Trump supporters hear that, they’re gonna turn MAGA hats into NAGA hats.” Plus, as Wood points out, there are already plenty of available tapes that prove Trump has been a huge racist this whole time.

Roy Wood Jr. Doesn’t Need to Hear the Trump ‘N-Word’ Tape