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Willkommen! to Fräulein Diana Trout’s Big Cabaret Moment on Younger

Strike a pose. Photo: TVLand

There’s more to Diana Trout than just elegant put-downs and gigantic statement jewelry, namely her ability to put on one heck of show. In tonight’s episode of Younger, Empirical heads to the Frankfurt Book Fair, where Diana runs into her old frenemy Cheryl Sussman (Martha Plimpton) and the two reprise their hard-partying glory days by performing a Cabaret number together. You can see a glimpse of the musical number below, though it is gloriously longer in the episode.

“Martha and I met almost 20 years ago in a film lab,” Miriam Shor, who plays Diana Trout, told us. “There’s a lot of fraternizing between all the artists at the end of the day, having a couple of drinks, and she and I got up — I don’t even remember what song it was — but we sang together. So it was pretty fun to get to play old friends who are singing again, when we’re old friends who are singing again.”

On Younger, Diana was married to a gay man, and she loves the occasional trip to Marie’s Crisis, so it’s fair to assume this is one of a few numbers she’s got up her sleeve. “I would imagine that she’s a singer on some level that never got to Broadway,” Shor said. “Her life is a bit of a performance.”

Diana is also a little threatened in tonight’s episode, where Liza, who’s technically still her assistant, keeps taking center stage at the book fair. “She’s feeling that she’s being left behind a bit in her industry, and she’s not one to be left behind,” Shor said of Diana. “Cheryl, Martha’s character, was like, ‘Oh, do you still got it?’ Diana’s reply will always be, ‘Oh, I’ve fucking still got it.’”

Willkommen! to Diana Trout’s Cabaret Moment on Younger