Reality As You Know It Destroyed by Leo DiCaprio’s Photoshopped Chin

Photo: ANDREW COOPER/© 2018 CTMG, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

As a reminder that Photoshop is so good now and all photos are now Photoshopped, “Page Six” published an unedited version of last month’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood promo photo featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt’s full ’60s moment. The photo, they report, was inadvertently uploaded with its edits visible. The truth is out! The truth being Leonardo DiCaprio has a l’il double chin and, ostensibly, Brad Pitt has neck wrinkles, but those are sort of a stretch to see.

“The actors did not request any retouching of photography from Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood,” Sony Pictures and the film’s production reportedly told “Page Six.” “We take full responsibility for the error.” Well, it’s a little late for that, now that you’re wandering the earth a husk, hollow-eyed, mind burned away by the veil between you and Reality being lifted too fast, too soon. Those jackets still looks top-notch, though.

Whole Reality Destroyed by Leo DiCaprio’s Photoshopped Chin