Adam Driver Becomes Our New Favorite Screaming, Ruthless Oil Baron on SNL

Last night’s SNL premiere finally answered the burning question: What if a character like Daniel Plainview from There Will Be Blood was alive today, with a son in school, and they had a career day? Would he scream at the children? Teach them the ruthless was of oil baronry? Smash a dead crow on the ground in front of them? Yes, yes, yes, and someone get a broom. Host Adam Driver donned some serious age-advancing makeup to take on the role of Abraham H. Parnasis, the elderly oil baron father to Pete Davidson’s teenage Mordecai. Parnasis comes to his son’s school for career day and does all of the above, including share with them how he gestated in a pizza oven.

Adam Driver Is Our New Favorite Ruthless Oil Baron on SNL