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Beyoncé Wrote a Rare Instagram Caption to Celebrate Her Birthday

She speaks! Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TIDAL

If you’re following Beyoncé on Instagram (if not, delete your account), you’ve probably noticed that while her feed is curated for the gods, it doesn’t have much to say. No corny song lyrics. No emojis. And definitely no #SponCon. Bey’s Insta is strictly the photo diary of her life, which earlier this week entered into its 37th year. To celebrate, Beyoncé has broken her silence and, oh my God, she actually wrote a caption. In it, she recaps her very slow, not-at-all-packed past year: giving birth to twins, headlining Beychella, letting her husband drop an album with her, giving him a co-headlining slot on her tour, and even allowing him to recommit to the vows he broke. Just boring 30-something business. To put it ever-so-lightly: “This year has been monumental for me.”

Beyoncé Wrote a Rare Instagram Caption for Her Birthday