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Billy Eichner Urges You to Vote in the Midterms. If Not for Your Country, Then for Post Malone.

Billy Eichner clearly can’t guarantee that voting in the 2018 midterms will protect Post Malone. The rapper has had to deal with an emergency plane landing, a car accident, and an attempted home invasion (luckily, it was his old house) in the past six weeks alone. In Funny or Die’s new voter registration spot, co-starring Mandy Moore, Kumail Nanjiani, Randall Park, and Darren Criss, however, Billy Eichner does sort of suggest voting will help Post Malone, perhaps in the same way voting will help us all. Look, we don’t understand how the universe works. No, we don’t. We’re not going to argue with you about this. So please, just make sure you get yourself registered, place your vote on November 6 and, as always, keep Post in your thoughts and prayers. Treat the future of the United States the way you would want Post to be treated: like a precious, tattoo-covered gift.

Billy Eichner Urges You to Think of Post Malone and Vote