Who Said It: Blake Lively in A Simple Favor or Blake Lively in Gossip Girl?

Photo: Getty Images and Lionsgate

In A Simple Favor, Blake Lively wears bespoke suits and seems to appear and disappear as soon as she clinks her martini glass?. As Emily Nelson, Lively is a scheming, self-destructive blonde … not unlike the character that made her famous on Gossip Girl! (Upper East Side socialite-student Serena van der Woodsen lives forever in our hearts.) A Simple Favor is a bonkers (and satisfying) mix of satire, noir, murder, and menswear, and it recalls some of van der Woodsen’s best stunts. But can you tell one complicated, mysterious Blake Lively character from the original complicated, mysterious Blake Lively character? Match the Secretive Blonde™ to her Slightly Concerning One-liner™ in a game of Who Said That?.

Who Said That? Blake Lively Edition

We'll give you a line of Blake Lively's dialogue, and you decide if it's from A Simple Favor or Gossip Girl.

“Erase it. Or I slap a fucking injunction on your yearbook.”
“If you can’t tell me, you can’t tell anyone. I’m your best friend.”
“The bottom line is, betrayal's in your nature.”
“Look on the bright side: Your website went viral because of me.”
“I killed someone.”
“Cheers to being house poor!”
“I’m so happy. I would've had no idea what to wear to a paternity hearing.”
“Ah, incest. The universal taboo. One of the only ones you haven't violated.”
“I want your word that you will not mention anything about the girl I used to be.”
“Sean and I had his TA over for dinner and a threesome.”
“You don't want your obit to say you died in Brooklyn.”

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