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BTS Take Over New York on a Press Tour, City Somehow Still Standing

BTS, the insanely popular South Korean group, came through to The Tonight Show, Good Morning America and the United Nations on a little media blitz promoting their album Love Yourself: Answer and their “Love Myself” campaign. After seeing leader of the group, RM, give a heartwarming speech at the U.N., we’re fairly confident in their ability to lead the state. It’s RM’s MTA now! We’ll have to do something about the fact that some of their favorite parts of the city are Soho and Times Square, though. Here’s what the band got up to on their royal visit.

BTS helped launch the United Nations new education and employment program for young people called Generation Unlimited. RM emphasized the importance of trusting and loving oneself — the heart of their Love Yourself album and campaign. Not only is BTS promoting their fire music, they’re also promoting confidence in today’s youth. Get you a boy band who can do both.

The boys attempted to teach Jimmy Fallon a few dance moves to their song “Idol” and did some of those Fortnite dances the kids are wild about. The moves are kind of silly, but the talent really jumps out. BTS’s talent, that is. Jimmy could use some work.

In their interview, Jimmy goes crazy for BTS member Jimin and the boys introduce themselves to the world. RM says that their next goal is to just focus on the music and stay humble, but Suga admits that he’s really just after a Grammy. Manifest it, Suga.

Before they go, BTS performs “I’m Fine” from their latest album and it goes hard. If you weren’t a fan, yet, it’s happening now.

Making their first-ever morning TV appearance in the U.S., BTS struts out in these incredible printed suits that even Harry Styles, face of Gucci Tailoring, would die for.

They perform their hit “Idol” with superhuman amounts of energy for 8 a.m. Come for the suits, stay for the rhythm, baby!

BTS has a concert at Citi Field on October 6, but good luck getting a ticket. The entire stadium sold out in less than ten minutes. BTS Army does not play.

BTS Visits NYC on a Press Tour, City Somehow Still Standing