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Captain Marvel First-Look Photos Show Carol Danvers Has Some Hot Friends

Starforce commander Mar-Vell (Jude Law) and Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) serving face. Photo: Chuck Zlotnick/© Marvel Studios

Yesterday afternoon, Captain Marvel star Brie Larson and Entertainment Weekly started teasing some “break the internet” content regarding her big super-movie. Today, EW delivered the goods, and while the internet is still up and running, we did get some crucial information verified about Marvel’s first female-fronted film: Carol Danvers, extremely powerful human-alien hybrid and fan of the Rachel Green haircut, has some very hot friends.

Coming off of two feature-length thirst traps in Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel has a set a high bar for onscreen hotness, and as connoisseurs of superhero sex appeal it’s an honor to continue feeling seen by the casting department at Disney headquarters. So let us now go through a selection of the Captain Marvel first-look images to see who you’ll be hoping ends up shirtless.

Photo: Chuck Zlotnick/© Marvel Studios

Carol Danvers left Earth to join an elite military team called Starforce on the planet Hala, home to the Kree people. (Danvers is part Kree.) But more importantly, Danvers and and her clique are some total smoke shows. Not only do we have Larson striding forward looking very in control of her whole deal, we have all-time Hot Person Hall of Famer Djimon Hounsou, reprising his role as Korath from Guardians of the Galaxy. And guess what? You can also light a prayer candle in front of your framed triptych of Hounsou’s 2007 Calvin Klein campaign while you count the blessings of Gemma Chan (Crazy Rich Asians’ uber-chic Astrid!) as Minn-Erva, toting a big old space gun. But who is Carol looking at with so much anger and attraction in her eyes?

Photo: Chuck Zlotnick/© Marvel Studios

Why, it’s Jude Law as Starforce commander Mar-Vell, and the undisputed hottest purple villain in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace)! Remember that time in Guardians of the Galaxy when we saw Pace emerge naked from a sensual bath of black space water and then servant people painted his well-muscled body and threw dust all over it before they delicately placed his armor on him? It’s probably far too much to ask for directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck to have recreated that scene, but as an intimate one-on-one between Law and Pace — we’d also settle for a Talented Mr. Mar-Vell situation — but these two are a ten-out-of-ten would-watch couple. So, slash-fic writers, consider this image your prompt to go wild while we move onto the next still. Computer, show me a closer look at Law and Larson serving face.

Photo: Chuck Zlotnick/© Marvel Studios

Wouldn’t it be a shame if those Starforce jammies were suddenly incinerated and Captain Marvel and her incredibly well-preserved mentor had to make out to save the universe from … something? It will certainly take a lot more than that to defeat the Skrulls, who are the big baddies in CM, but just because Carol is a strong and autonomous woman tasked with protecting man- and alien-kind doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be allowed to cut loose sometimes.

Photo: Chuck Zlotnick/© Marvel Studios

Probably her fellow sexy pilot, Maria Rambeau, call sign Photon, played by Lashana Lynch. Rambeau is a single mom with a daughter, and we stan a cool, confident, self-sufficient USAF fox who makes sacrifices daily for the good of country and the future of her little girl while supporting her fellow women in the armed services. A hot mom! A hot American hero! An icon! What a relief to know that the most powerful hero in the MCU to date will have a suitably arousing collection of friends and foes around her. It’s a beautiful time to be alive.

Looks Like Captain Marvel Is Going to Have Some Hot Friends